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The barrel heating temperature operation sequence

Apr 16, 2018

The barrel heating temperature operation sequence is as follows:
1 Each section of the barrel is heated and heated. The temperature control instrument is adjusted according to the temperature of the extrusion process. The person in charge is responsible for it. Others are not allowed to set or modify the process parameters.
2 After the barrel is heated up to the required humidity, it is heated at a constant temperature for 1 hour to record the heating time.
3 mercury thermometer to detect the temperature of each section of the barrel, verify, adjust the instrument display temperature and the actual temperature difference of the mercury thermometer.
4 Test the heater resistance in the heating device of the cylinder to report the cellar device to see if it can be alarmed accurately and promptly.
5 Retighten the connecting screws of the barrel and the barrel holder.
6 Lubricate the hydraulic pump and start it. After working for 3 minutes, turn the belt pulley by hand and turn it into a flexible and non-blocking phenomenon.
7 Low-speed start-up The motor used to drive the mast rotates. Observe whether the voltage and current meter wobbles abnormally. Observe whether the rotation of the screw is stable and whether it is in friction with the barrel. Listen to each transmission part for abnormal noise. When everything is normal, stop immediately. Note: The screw idle time should not exceed 3 minutes.
8 Turn off the heating power of the barrel, start the cooling device separately, check the working condition of the cooling system, make the water flow freely, and no water leakage occurs.


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