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section of Extruder Screw

Mar 27, 2018

  The movement of the material in the extruder screw is divided into three sections, so the design of the screw rod is often segmented. Because each section is a continuous channel, so in the actual production, as long as can meet the requirements, not the screw is divided into three sections can not, in fact, some screw only two paragraphs, and some also not segmented. For example, the extrusion of nylon, such as a good crystalline material, only feeding and homogenization section, the general screw extrusion of soft PVC plastic screw, you can use all the compression section, and do not have to be divided into feeding section and Homogenization section. The sectional form of a screw is derived from experience and is mainly determined by the nature of the material. Feeding section length can be from 0 to the total length of the screw 75%, generally speaking, the longest extrusion of crystalline polymers, rigid amorphous polymer second, soft amorphous polymers the shortest. The length of the compression section usually accounts for 50% of the total length of the screw, with the exception of the nylon and soft PVC. The length of the homogenizing section is 20,125 of that of polyethylene. But for some heat-sensitive materials (such as polyvinyl chloride), the material in this paragraph should not stay too long, you can not homogenization section. Some high speed extruder has 50% of the length of homogenization section

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