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Screw maintenance precautions

Mar 26, 2018

  1. Do not start the machine when the screw has not reached the preset temperature. 

  2, to prevent metal fragments and debris falling into the hopper, if the processing of recycled materials, you need to add a magnetic hopper to prevent iron and other debris into the barrel. 

  3. When using flood prevention, it is necessary to determine that the plastic in the barrel is completely melted so as not to damage the parts of the transmission system when the screw retreats.

  4. When using a new plastic, the remainder of the screw should be cleaned. 

  5. When the temperature of the molten plastic is normal but the black spots or discoloration of the molten plastic are found, the plastic screw should be inspected. 

  6. When processing, try to make the material plasticized evenly, and do not let the metal foreign material mixed into the material, reduce the screw rotation torque force.

from: www.kalshine.com

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