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Rock wool board structure

Mar 09, 2017

Rock wool board structure is mainly composed of: adhesive layer, insulation, surface layer, a decorative layer, and accessories.

Adhesive layer, first firmly with cementitious materials will be two layers bonded together, the fillers mainly sources of inorganic substances.

Insulation, main filler for mineral cotton fiber as well as a certain amount of organic matter, moisture content, as well as binders.

Decorative layer, should choose finishing mortar, mortar light embellishment of functional coating or with outstanding air permeability of exterior emulsion paint, rock wool board maintained its characteristics of light, but also adds to its aesthetics.

Fittings, use various types of paints, paint on the one hand can play a role in fire retardant and insulation to a certain extent on the other, increasing the surface color of rock wool Board, so that it can apply to any environment.

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             Rock Wool Board                                                           Rock Wool Felt                                         

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