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PVC pipe production failure treatment -part3

May 14, 2018

Excessively high plasticizing temperature

Adjust the process, adjust the heating temperature of the core part, and cool the mold inside.

Inaccuracy of cutting length

Check whether the long wheel is pressed or not, check whether the long wheel is swinging, and tighten the fixed bolt of the long wheel frame, check whether the cutting switch is damaged, check whether the rotary encoder is damaged or not, whether the connection of the rotary encoder is not welded (the contact of the aviation plug seat is good); the PE terminal should be connected to the ground line respectively. The 1 general locations are grounded reliably, and the ground should be grounded in line with electrical grounding requirements, and the single shell (PE terminal) is not allowed to be connected in series, otherwise the interference pulse will be introduced and the cutting length is not allowed.

The problem of coextrusion marking

Co extrusion mark strip diffusion: generally due to improper selection of CO extruding materials for users, special materials such as PE should be used, and the temperature of extrusion section can be reduced if necessary.

The coextrusion marking bar cannot be squeezed out: there is still no coextrusion marking after 2 hours of opening, usually due to the backstepping of the coextruder screw; the screw is disassembled and the screw is retightened.

The coextrusion bar is too thin or too wide: generally, it is due to the mismatch between the extrusion speed of the coextruder and the traction speed of the pipe. The frequency of the converter should be adjusted or the speed of the traction can be changed to match the speed of the two. Secondly, the reason for the uncooled water in the cooling water jacket of the coextruder's lower feed section;

When the coextruder's marking strip is sometimes not: generally, it is due to the unevenness of the coextruding material of the coextrusion die. It is necessary to check the water condition of the cooling water jacket and select the suitable size of the coextrusion material (general particle < 3 x).


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