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PVC pipe production failure treatment -part1

May 11, 2018

a.T he outer surface of the plastic pipe is rough

Adjust the temperature of the process: reduce the cooling water temperature, the best cooling water temperature of the pipe is 20~25 C; check the water road, whether there are clogging or water pressure insufficiency; check the damage of the heating ring such as the machine barrel and head, adjust the inlet flow rate of the diameter setting sleeve, consult the raw material supplier, the raw material parameters of this batch, check the mold core temperature, if the temperature is checked, if the temperature of the mold core is checked, if the temperature of the mold core is checked, if The temperature of the core section is higher than the temperature of the die section; the core temperature is lowered; the mold is cleaned.


b.there is a groove on the outer surface of plastic pipe

To adjust the water pressure of the setting casing, the water discharge requirement is balanced, the angle of the nozzle in the vacuum setting box is adjusted, the pipe is cooled evenly, and the hardware, such as the inspection die, the diameter setting sleeve, the cutting machine and other hardware exist, such as sundries and burrs, etc.


c.Trench marks on the inner surface

Check if the inner tube is inflow. If water enters, the tube cavity of the export mold is pinched to seal the inner cavity, reduce the internal temperature of the mold, clean and polish the mold.


d. There is a jitter ring inside the pipe

Adjust the outlet of the diameter set, make the effluent even, adjust the vacuum degree of the two chamber, make the vacuum degree of the back chamber slightly higher than the vacuum of the front chamber; check the tightness of the vacuum seal pad; check whether the traction machine is jitter or not; check whether the main material is uniform or not;

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