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PU Panel

Feb 05, 2018

  Polyurethane board refers to completely made of Pu, or by the PU and color steel plate composite polyurethane sandwich plate, mainly used in industrial, civil architecture external insulation system, has become the most widely used PU products system.

    Polyurethane (PUR) refers to the molecular main chain contains more carbamate group characteristic structure of a large class of polymers, is a kind of polymer material between plastic and rubber, it has a large elongation, hardness range, large formula adjustment range, with excellent wear resistance and mechanical properties. The pouring polyurethane elastomer (Cpur), is the most important one of the three major processing types of polyurethane elastomer, the amount of the 6o% of Pur, it has a chemical structure, viscosity easy adjustment, excellent processing technology, easy to put into industrial production, easy to use and fast curing and other advantages, Therefore, it is very suitable for making large and complex components. Polyurethane wear-resistant liner is the use of pouring polyurethane elastomer production process. Polyurethane for the macromolecular chain contains ammonia ester type repeating structure unit of a class of polymers, known as poly-amino acid ester, all English called Polyurethane, referred to as PU or pur. PU is a product which is reflected by multiple isocyanate and polyether or polyester polyols in a certain proportion.

Properties of Pu Elastomer: Pu elastomer performance is slightly different from that of PU elastomer synthesized by plastic polyols. Polyester PU has high mechanical properties, good oil resistance, but poor water resistance, polyether Pu, low-temperature resistance and hydrolysis resistance is better than polyester type, but oil resistance, mechanical properties slightly worse.

PU mechanical Properties: PU elastomer hardness Variation range is wider, can be Shaw A10 to D80, elongation at break up to 600%~~800%. and the highest hardness of natural rubber is only A70, elongation at break is 550%. The tearing strength of PU elastomer is higher than that of natural rubber, 2~~5 times. The elasticity of Pu elastomer is high and the damping effect is good. Pu elastomer has good abrasion resistance and is 3~~10 times of natural rubber.