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Pp pipe extrusion problems easily occur

May 10, 2018

Masterbatch use mainly pays attention to the following three aspects:

First, the use of masterbatch process requirements

1. When using color masterbatch to color injection molding products, the injection molding machine used is preferably screw-type, otherwise the coloration is not uniform due to poor plasticization and mixing.

2. Improve the extrusion back pressure to improve the mixing effect of the screw. The masterbatch can be spread more evenly.

3, there are many dignified, elegant and high-grade color and some such as imitation of porcelain, flash color, etc., must be very bright in the mold to show its effect.

4. In the course of operation, if the masterbatch is found adhered to the hopper wall, this is due to the generation of static electricity, and the hopper can be grounded to eliminate static electricity and will not cause problems in the process.

Second, the use of masterbatch equipment requirements

When the masterbatch is applied, the flow chaos is likely to occur at the ribs or openings of the mold, resulting in uneven dispersion. Therefore, the design of the mold should be avoided as much as possible. Extrusion molding Compared with injection molding, the L/D of the extruder screw is large, and the back pressure is increased after the filter is added, so it is well dispersed.

When injection molding, the speed is slow and the back pressure is higher and the dispersion is good. For uniform dispersion, adding a static mixer to the front of the screw is also a very effective equipment improvement.

Third, the use of masterbatch

1, the masterbatch will absorb moisture for a period of time, especially PET, ABS, PA, PC, etc., it should be the same process according to the same color particles to dry and reach the water content requirements.

2. Color matching with masterbatch to achieve the desired color must be very careful, often with color and shade changes.

3, masterbatch and other additives will react, use caution.