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pp pipe extruder Introduction

May 09, 2018


1. The public and civil construction sites can be used as pipes for conveying hot and cold water;

2. In industrial buildings and facilities, used to transport daily water, oil or corrosive liquids, such as salt water;

3, for the air conditioning system, used as a condenser;

4, agricultural irrigation pipe;

5. The heating system with water below 70°C as heat transfer medium;

6, low temperature floor heat radiation heating system


1. Non-toxic, environmental-friendly green building materials; corrosion-resistant, non-fouling, and free from pipeline blockage and secondary pollution;

2, long service life, -20 °C 95 °C can be used for 50 years; pressure resistance, the inner wall of the tube with the maximum pressure of 32kgcm2.

3, good low temperature resistance, use in 20 °C environment, no cracking.

4. Warm and energy-saving, the thermal conductivity coefficient is 0.5% for the metal pipe, and the flow resistance is small.

5, pipe fittings are convenient and reliable, using special tools, hot melt connection