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Plastic common sense: why is the screw of an injection machine skidding?

Mar 22, 2018

The reason of screw slippage is various, unreasonable factors about and back pressure is too high, the barrel at the end of hot or cold, or screw barrel wear, thread feeding section is too shallow, and is not fair plan hopper hopper infarction, resin wetting, resin lubrication, material is too thin too much about resin and renewable materials cutting other relevant.

Supercooling at the end of the barrel is one of the main causes of screw slipping. The barrel of the injection machine is divided into 3 sections, at the end, that is, the feeding section. In the process of heating and compression, a layer of melt film will be formed to stick to the screw. Without this layer of film, the granular material is not easily transported to the front end.

The material of the feeding section of the injection machine must be heated to the critical temperature of the light to form the melt film at the end of the injection. However, generally, the retention time of the material in the feeding section is very short, and the required temperature can not be reached. This environment is generally produced on a small injection machine. The short stay time will cause the melting of the polymer and the incomplete inclusion process, which leads to the slipping or stall of the screw.

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