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PC/ABS alloy flame retardant

Mar 09, 2017

As a kind of environmental flame retardant PC/ABS alloy flame retardant agent in automobile, machinery, household electrical appliances, computers, communications, Office equipment and other industries have been widely and affirmation.

PC and ABS is two species material, both of combined not only can improve products of performance, also reduced has cost, which, poly carbonate ester (PC) is a thermoplastic engineering plastics, has excellent of mechanical performance, good of heat sex and resistance low temperature sex, electric performance stable, size stability good, but also exists shortcomings as processing liquidity poor, on gap sensitive, easy stress cracking, resistance chemical drug sex poor, price partial high, limit has its application range.

ABS is a thermoplastic resin, has better of resistance chemical corrosion sex, good of processing sex, PC and ABS by total mixed, and extrusion, can preparation into PC/ABS alloy flame retardant agent, they of combined, while can improve ABS of heat sex and stretch strength; on the can reduced PC of melt body stick degrees, improved processing performance, reduced products on stress of sensitivity and can reduced cost.

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