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Installation process of cold storage plate——The installation of the wallboard(1)

Mar 01, 2018

        With the renewal of cryopreservation technology. The antennae of the cold storage project has penetrated into more fields. The increase in the number of cold storage is the increasing demand of the Cold Storage Panel. Kalshine for you to provide quality Cold Storage Panel welcome caller inquire +86 18805179187. Today, let's talk about the installation of the Cold Storage Panel.

       Installation process of cold storage plate——The installation of the wallboard(1)


  1. The installation of the wall board should be installed from the corner. According to the layout, will need to be installed at the corner of two pieces of plate transport to the installation site, according to the beam height and fixed mushroom head nylon bolt angle type, drill a hole in the middle of the plate width corresponding elevation position, when drilling with drill hole on the vertical plate, wearing nylon (mushroom head bolt the nylon bolt body and a mushroom head internal sealing paste), a piece of iron tighten, tighten the degree to enable the base plate of nylon bolts at the slightly concave. Stand on the floor panels, should contact with the base plate groove pad on foam and other soft material, to prevent damage to base plate, two corner wall from the floor plate groove neutral, should be timely according to the perpendicularity on line position adjustment and base plate wall plane position, and check whether the correct topmark high wall (direct goft are required to check). The wall position is correct, the angle of welding in plate beam, fixed inside and outside angle (angle plate on both sides of the inner side of the package in contact with a base plate sealing paste). In the angle welding parts, should be base plate angle piece with the shield cover, prevent arc welding of high-temperature baking plate and welding slag splash injury library to library board.

  2.  after the two wall panels at the corner are installed, the next wall will be installed along the corner. A wall before installation should call two white sealing paste on the ground, base plate convex groove or grooves (sealing paste should play in the corner base plate convex groove or grooves), playing in the convex groove or grooves in the sealing paste paste should be highly dense, should also be continuous and uniform installation the same way as the first piece of the same wall.

  3.  Two base plate with a hammer hitting pad in polyurethane board base timbers, to close up between the board and the board. The wall panels and the wall panels are wedged tightly by two sets of connectors. The two sets of connectors are fixed on the upper side and the lower side of the wall board and the inner side of the wall respectively, and the connecting part of the lower part should be as low as possible, so that the post casting concrete can cover the connecting piece. Connections should be maintained at about 3mm wide wedge gap with the board and the board, such as inconsistent nuclear requirements, will remove the plate, plate edge trimming, and then reinstall the seam to meet the requirements. When fixing the connection piece, we should pay attention to the two parts of a set of connectors, which are fixed on the edge of the two storehouse, and are fixed with rivet of 5X13, and the distance between the connecting pieces can be tightened up to two storeboards. When wedge iron is wedged, the hammer and the wedge iron are kept perpendicular to avoid the bruising plate. The wedge iron in the upper and lower parts should be wedged at the same time and the wedge is fixed with rivets.

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