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Installation process of Cold Storage Panel---The installation of the roof

Mar 02, 2018

With the renewal of cryopreservation technology. The antennae of the cold storage project has penetrated into more fields. The increase in the number of cold storage is the increasing demand of the Cold Storage Panel. Kalshine for you to provide quality Cold Storage Panel welcome caller inquire +86 18805179187. Today, let's talk about the installation of the Cold Storage Panel.

Installation process of Cold Storage Panel---The installation of the roof

1, the installation of roof, ceiling with T type should be installed according to drawings. The installation of T type, T type should be based on the frame of the appropriate span arch, ensure the roof after installation of T type does not produce a downward deflection. The roof should be installed first in a corner of the library began, according to the layout, the library board rises to the specified height and position, longitudinal plate base plate end respectively on the wall and iron on T. Adjust the roof with axis parallelism and perpendicularity, check the elevation of the bottom surface of the roof, then the roof with T type with rivets, between the roof and wall angle plates connected, after the start of installation work under a base plate.

2, second top plate installation method is basically the same as the first plate, plate plate connection method is basically the same as the installation wall plate. Base plate shall be fixed on the base, each base plate slab should be fixed three base plate, and both ends of the plate base plate (a roof less than 4 meters long or two base plate).

3. After all the roof is installed, the installation of the C type steel is started. According to the actual row roof board, fixed on the ground, the mushroom head bolt angle according to the corresponding nylon spacing in welding C steel on the ceiling. Then the ceiling C steel is placed in the corresponding position of the top plate according to the drawing, and the parallel and verticality of the same axis should be guaranteed by the C type steel. Adjust the ceiling of C steel after position of hole in the roof bolt hole position, angle, the angle pieces of the same library board connected firmly by mushroom head bolt nylon. The ceiling type C steel round steel hanging pieces welded on the steel purlin roof, according to the bottom elevation, nut bar hanging piece below the ceiling type C steel roof and adjusted to the specified height.

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