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How to solve the problem of odor in Foam Granulation?

May 07, 2018

At the beginning of work,Foam Granulation may experience certain odors. This phenomenon is not caused by the foam granulator itself. It may be caused by the raw materials in the production process. The phenomenon needs to be solved as soon as possible. Only after a good solution can the foam granulator achieve better safe production and increase production output.

When the foam granulator is operating, if there is odor, the body of the Foam Granulation that needs to be inspected first, if it is caused by the machine, it may be due to the long production time of the foam granulator and the odor caused by the machine. This requires an outage check to solve the problem caused by the heating of the machine. If odors are caused by raw materials, then it is necessary to check which raw materials cause the raw materials to be too sensitive to the temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to use as little raw materials as possible to prevent more odors.

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