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How to maintain the screw extruder?

Jun 29, 2020

Many industries may only know how to use screw extruders efficiently, but do not know how to maintain, and often overlook the most important thing-cleaning and maintenance. 


The maintenance process of screw extruder is generally divided into daily maintenance and regular maintenance:

Routine maintenance: frequent routine work, which does not account for equipment operating hours, usually completed during driving. The focus is to clean the machine, lubricate the moving parts, fasten the loose threaded parts, check and adjust the motor in time, control the instrument, various working parts and pipelines, etc.


Regular maintenance: Generally, the extruder should be shut down after 2500-5000h continuous operation. The machine needs to be disassembled to check, measure, and appraise the wear of the main parts, replace the parts that have reached the prescribed wear limit, and repair the damaged parts.

The two maintenance processes complement each other and are indispensable. The following editors will introduce the details that need attention in the daily maintenance of extrusion:




Routine maintenance

Since the electrical control system has high requirements on the environmental temperature and dustproof, the electrical system should be isolated from the production site, and a ventilation or ventilation fan should be installed. It is recommended to place the electrical control cabinet in a simple room to keep the room clean and ventilated. Keep the indoor temperature not higher than 40℃.


The extruder is not allowed to run empty, so as to avoid the screw and machine rolling. When the machine starts idling, it is not allowed to exceed 100r/min; when starting the host, slow down first. After starting the host, check for abnormal sounds and then slowly increase the speed of the host to within the process allowable range (it can be adjusted to a stable state as well). When the new machine is running in, the current load should be 60-70%, and the current during normal use should not exceed 90%. Note: If abnormal sound occurs during the operation of the extruder, it should be stopped immediately for inspection or repair.


Turn on the oil pump first when turning it on, and then turn off the oil pump after turning it off; the water pump should remain in operation throughout the production process. The operation of the water pump must not be stopped to prevent the temperature of the barrel from decomposing and carbonizing the materials in the barrel; the asbestos hood of the main motor fan needs to be cleaned frequently To avoid excessive dust adhesion and clogging of the windshield, the motor will not dissipate enough heat and will trip due to overheating.


Clean the dust, tools and debris on the surface of the unit in time.

Prevent metal or other debris from falling into the hopper to avoid damage to the screw and barrel. In order to prevent iron debris from entering the barrel, the magnetic inlet or magnetic frame can be installed at the material inlet of the barrel to prevent the debris from falling into the material. The material must be screened in advance.


Pay attention to the clean production environment, do not allow garbage impurities to mix with the material to block the filter plate, affect the product output, quality and increase the resistance of the machine head.

The gearbox should use the lubricating oil specified in the machine manual, and add oil according to the specified oil level. Too little oil will not lubricate enough to reduce the service life of parts; too much oil, high heat generation, more energy consumption, and oil easy to deteriorate , Also makes the lubrication invalid, resulting in damage to parts. The leaking parts of the gearbox should be replaced with seals (rings) in time to ensure the amount of lubricating oil.