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How to increase the production of eps foam recycling machine

May 05, 2018

    In the foam granulator industry, our biggest concern is the level of output. If you want to increase the production of foam pelletizers, you must increase the screw speed or add the screw diameter. However, the high screw speed will cause the material to stay in the screw to reduce the time, mixing and plasticizing uneven; materials subjected to excessive shear caused by the sudden increase in temperature and thermal decomposition of materials; extrusion stability control and other issues.

    Large-scale eps foam recycling machine is inevitably required to improve manufacturing precision; large-scale auxiliary equipment and intelligent control systems are provided. How to obtain higher foam pelletizer and foam pelletizer output and generate lower energy consumption on the premise of ensuring product quality has become a common goal for foam pelletizer manufacturers and users.

 from: www.kalshine.com