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How to clean up the head of a Plastic foaming granulator

Apr 28, 2018

In order to maintain better production condition, foam granulation machine needs to clean the die head of foam granulator in time, so as to maintain good production efficiency and increase the service life of production line. So how to clean the head of the Plastic foaming granulator? Tell you two ways:

1, use the simplest method, using heating - remove - digging - scrubbing, using fine sandpaper can slowly remove carbonized black spots.

2, the manual replacement of the net method, when cleaning, need to manually open, and then shovel down the plastic and other raw materials with a small shovel, the diffuser plate heating.

As long as it is cleaned in time, no matter which method you use, it can work well. It only needs to be cleaned up and cleaned up in the right way. It is the best to clean the head in the shortest time by using the simplest method. The mold head of the foam granulator needs cleaning at any time, cleaning and prolonging the service life, and it also relates to the output and quality of the granules.

from: www.kalshine.com