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How to clean foam die head

May 04, 2018

    During the production and processing of the foam pelletizer, in order to maintain a better production state, the foam pelletizer die needs to be cleaned in time, which not only maintains good production efficiency, but also can increase the service life of the production line. How can the foam pelletizer die be cleaned? Tell everyone two ways:

1. Using the simplest method, use heating—removal—excavation—scrubbing, and use a fine sandpaper to slowly wipe off carbonized black spots.

2. When using the method of manual network change, when it is cleaned, it needs to be opened manually, and then shovel the plastic and other raw materials with a small shovel to heat the diverter plate.

As long as the cleanup is done in time, no matter which method you use, it will have a very good effect. We only need to clean it up according to the appropriate method when we clean it up, and use the simplest method to clean the die in the shortest time. It is the best. The die of the foam pelletizer needs to be cleaned at any time, cleaning and prolonging the service life, and also relates to the production and quality of the pellets.