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How much is the material added in the twin screw extruder barrel?

Feb 15, 2018

In the process of production, most of the twin screw extruders are starving feed, which is beneficial to the mixing, plasticization and exhaust of the material. If the feed is too much, it will affect the mixing effect or even take the material from the exhaust hole.

If too little material is added, it will cause the screw to be filled with material. The upper part is not material, the screw is upwarped and it is rubbing with the barrel, resulting in the damage of the screw barrel, and the bad plasticization of the material.

Therefore, in the process of extruding the twin screw extruder, the amount of material added is proper, and it is usually filled with the 2/3 degree of the material.

From: www.kalshine.com