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How does the extruder drive the new factory open the box for acceptance?

Feb 06, 2018


The opening and acceptance of the extruder equipment is the first step of the equipment entering the factory. When the box is opened, it is likely to find that some parts are damaged due to transportation, or that the number of parts does not conform to the packing list. Therefore, for the opening and acceptance of the equipment, the supply, transportation, equipment management and supplier representatives should be invited to see the box for acceptance.

The order of the opening and acceptance of the equipment is as follows:

(1) whether the packing box of the equipment is damaged before the box is opened, and it is found that the damaged place should be photographed for record.

(2) remove dust, silt and dirt on the box.

(3) to open the box is the upper cover to check whether the parts of the box are damaged or not; verify the name, specification, model of the equipment and the agreement of the order contract. No problem when unpacking side plate. Find out the packing list, production certificate and equipment instructions and other relevant documents.

(4) order the name and quantity of the equipment and accessory parts according to the packing list and the equipment instructions. See if it's in line with the contract. And then register for the record.

(5) there are no rust and paint parts in the appearance of the testing equipment.

(6) use diesel oil cleaning equipment, accessory parts and cylinder and screw. After cleaning, a layer of antirust oil is deposited and ready for test.

    From:PU Sandwich Panel Production Line