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How can we reduce high level static at the pick-up wand end and hose?

Apr 19, 2018

You can reduce static at the pickup end when conveying through grounding.

Using flex hose with static wire, strip the wire from one end of the hose helix and tuck it between the flex hose and pickup probe.

After that, you can ground the conveying process in one of two ways:

(1) Strip the wire from the other end of the hose and tuck it between the flex hose and loader/receiver inlet stub.  

NOTE: The loader body must be grounded for this to work.

(2) Add a grounding strap to the pickup probe and extend a grounding wire from the strap to a ground source.

NOTE: Be careful to route the grounding wire clear of your operator work space to avoid wire breakage, and tripping or overhead clearance hazards.When implemented successfully, either approach will provide the static electricity will have a path to flow out of the conveying line.

From: www.kalshine.com