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HBCD flame retardant

Mar 09, 2017

HBCD (Hexa-ring, 12) as excellent flame retardant of XPS extruded boards can be added directly to methods can also be added in the form of concentrated masterbatch, XPS bromine content over 2% show excellent flame resistance. HBCD (Hexa-ring, 12) has three isomers, determines its decomposition temperature of different content.

Hexa-ring, 12-apply to the XPS's biggest problem is its low decomposition temperature, theoretical value only 180-240 ℃, generally low melting point or melting point of HBCD in initial decomposition temperature of only 160-180 ℃, 220 c have caused severe decomposition flame loss, and cause corrosion to equipment.

And high melting point HBCD decomposition temperature although compared in the melting point or high melting point improve 20 ℃ around, but in XPS of processing process in the also is will produced decomposition, so XPS squeeze plastic Board used six bromide ring 12 n-as flame retardant agent production flame retardant squeeze plastic Board difficulty relative larger, usually used flame retardant agent Super General large added of method achieved, on plate capacity heavy and performance caused effect larger.

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