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Formula for extrusion of XPS plate

Feb 12, 2018

The ordinary PS extruded XPS board is different from EPS foam plastics. With ordinary PS particles as raw material, foaming agent and foaming agent should be added to form a complete foaming formula before molding.

The foaming system of ordinary PS particles is mainly composed of resin, foaming agent and nucleating agent. When the foam system is selected, the resin should be selected suitable for extrusion molding. In general, physical foaming agent or chemical foaming agent can be selected as a foaming agent. The commonly used physical foaming agents are Freon substitute and butane. The amount is generally 10-20phr, and the main chemical foaming agents are AC, NH4HCO3 and NaHCO3. nucleating agents, such as citric acid.

For example, the formulation of an enterprise to squeeze out the XPS board is as follows

Material Science

      Consumption /phr






Freon substitute


citric acid



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