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Flame retardant ABS introduction

Mar 09, 2017

Flame retardant ABS plastic is five big synthesis plastic one of, ABS of Chinese name for polymer, initial was invention in second times World War attack years, has good of anti-combat sex and heat sex, and resistance low temperature sex, and resistance chemical drug sex and the electrical performance sophisticated, also has easy processing, and products size solid, and appearance light sex good, features, easy coated loaded, and coloring, also can held appearance spray gilded is, and plating, and welding, and hot and stick received, two times processing, general application Yu stiff, and car, and electronic electrical, and instrument instrument, and Industrial areas such as textile and construction, is an extremely wide range of Engineering Thermoplastics.

ABS according to its performance can be divided into fire safety level, flame retardant, resistant combat level, conductive level, transparent, plating grade, high temperature levels, and other varieties, processing can become, extrusion, injection, vacuum, blow molding, and other varieties.

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