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Color Masterbatch Advantages

Jan 02, 2018

1. Make the pigment in the product with better dispersibility

In the process of color masterbatch, the pigments should be refined to improve the dispersion and tinting power of pigments. The carrier of the special color Masterbatch is the same as the plastic variety of the products, which has good matching, and the pigment particles can be dispersed in the plastic products well after heating and melting.

2. Conducive to maintaining the chemical stability of pigments

Direct use of pigments, because in the storage and use of the process of pigment direct contact with the air, pigments will occur water absorption, oxidation and so on, and do color mother, because the resin carrier will paint and air, moisture isolation, can make the quality of pigment long-term unchanged.

3. Ensure product color stability

Masterbatch and resin particles similar to the measurement of more convenient and accurate, mixing will not adhere to the container, and the resin mixing is more uniform, so you can guarantee the stability of the added quantity, so as to ensure the stability of the product color.

4. Protect the health of operators

Pigments are generally powdery, add and mix easily fly, be inhaled by the human body will affect the health of operators.

5. Keep the Environment clean

6. Easy to use