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Analysis on the quality of PP-R pipe material

Mar 16, 2018

Through the market investigation and analysis of a specialized agency, the main problem of the PP-R tube reaction is the improper use of raw materials.

1, individual production enterprises use PP-B and PP-H as raw materials for PP-R, and more directly use ordinary PP as PP-R material.

2, all kinds of modified PP materials will be flooded with the market. For example, PP/PE blend will be applied as PP-R material, or PP-B, PP-H or PP should be added to PP-R raw materials to reduce costs.

3, to add excess or not meet the requirements of the PP-R raw materials.

4, in the process of adding color masterbatch, due to the improper use of Color Masterbatch, the physical and mechanical properties of products are reduced, or the hygienic properties do not meet the requirements of the national standard.

5. Due to the frequent replacement of raw materials in individual production enterprises or for cost reduction, the material used for pipe material is not consistent with the raw materials used in the pipe fittings. The inconsistency of raw materials used in pipe and pipe fittings directly affects the welding quality of pipe and pipe fittings. In addition, if the melt flow rate of the two materials is too large, the gap is generally thought to be more than 0.5, and the welding quality is also affected.

Although PP-B is not as good as PP-R at high temperature and pressure resistance, it has better performance than PP-R at room temperature or low temperature, especially for low temperature impact resistance. The PP-B pipe which is in accordance with the national standard is a cold and hot water conveying system under certain conditions. Because of the good low temperature impact performance of PP-B pipe, it is more suitable for the installation and construction of low temperature conditions and the transportation of cold water. So the market should make a clear orientation, so that consumers understand PP-B, PPB pipe to a reasonable space, which can be avoided by PP-B fake PP-R things in a certain extent.

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